Annual Cultural Event 2024

Annual Cultural Event 2024

What an incredible evening at our 2nd annual cultural event on Sunday April 14th! 

We were honored to have India in USA (Consulate General of India, Chicago) Consul Mr. Sanjeev Pal ji as our Chief Guest 

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from our school founders, Mayank Jain and Dr. Anshu Jain, who set the stage for a memorable evening that was enjoyed by over 400 people!

We were also privileged to have esteemed guests in attendance, Parkway Schools board President Jeff Todd, Board member Deborah Hopper, and Parkway School Superintendent Mr. Keith Martin, along with Rockwood School District Vice President Tamarah Rhomberg and Board director Kary Bachert.

Special thanks to Riz Khan from Little Angels Foundation, President of African Chamber of Commerce, St. Louis Dr. Linda Ogbah Faas, Project Manager for World Trade Center / St. Louis Mosaic Project Annie Mable, Sharon Huber owner of West Newsmagazine & MidRivers News Magazine, President Progress 64 West & VP Enterprise Bank & Trust Debbie Shaw, Laura sagger from

West Newsmagazine and Council members from City of Chesterfield, MO Mr. Gary Sriperumbudoor & @merrel for their support and presence.

The evening was a showcase of Indian culture at its finest, with 21 performances by 130 HindiUSA students that included vibrant dances and skits representing all the major religions of India including Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, and Jainism, as well as festivals such as Deepavali, Holi, Mahashivratri, Navaratri, Sankranti, Krishn Janmashtami, Gangaur, and Baisakhi. Performances for ancient epics like Mahabharat & Ramayana were simply superb! The program also featured devotional songs, kids' orchestra, and a captivating dance performance by four groups of teachers portraying the life story of Lord Krishna. Student’s hard work was visible in their flawless performances!

Guests enjoyed shopping for jewelry, clothing, and indulging in delicious Indian street food, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Our talented emcees, Meghna Lunkad ji and Shuchi Khandelwal ji, kept the audience engaged throughout the evening, while our high schoolers showcased their anchoring skills.

Special shout out to Dr. Anshu Jain for designing beautiful digital backdrops for all performances, and leading the entire event with support from 40+ dedicated & spot volunteers including Kapil Khatri ji, Jitesh Gupta, Neha Vijay to name a few …that made the event a grand success!

Thanks to @everyone who joined us and contributed to making this event a grand success! 

Volunteer List: 

1. Decor & Set up Dream Team - Transformed the venue with stunning decorations and arranged seating for guests.
   - Kapil Khatri ( + Stage lighting effects) 
   - Neha Vijay
   - Chetan Shah
   - Anshu Jain
   - Kapil Gupta 

2. Smooth Entry Squad - Ensured seamless entry for attendees by efficiently managing ticket scanning.
   - Shalini Sharma
   - Anupama Singh 
   - Namrata Prasad 
   - Suman Shreshtha 

3. Front Stage Maestros - Coordinated activities and performances on the front stage, ensuring smooth transitions.
   - Barkha Rawat
   - Karishma Khanna 
   - Neha Singhal 

4. Backstage Wizards - Managed backstage operations and ensured performers were ready for their cues.
   - Pooja Sharma 
   - Nidhi Chaudhary 
   - Krati Aggrawal 
   - Vandana Singh 

5. Snack Harmony Crew - Handled snack distribution with efficiency and warmth.
   - Mita Rastogi 
   - Namrata Prasad 

6. Live Stream Guardians - Managed the AV during performance & YouTube live stream, allowing remote viewers to enjoy the event.
   - Shalini Sharma (YouTube)  
   - Jitesh Gupta (Auditorium Audio / Video) 

7. Capture Captains - Captured memorable moments of the event through photography.
   - Manjari Sharma
   - Tarun Vijayender 

8. Guest / Food Table Guardians - Managed the food table setup and ensured guests were served with care.
   - Ritu Maheshwari 

9. Clean-up Champions - Stayed till the end to clean up and pack up, ensuring a tidy venue post-event.
   - Kapil Khatri 
   - Neha Gupta 
   - Chetan Shah
   - Abhishek Kadam
   - Sarika Gauba 
   - Tushan Khatri
   - Aarav Vijay

10. Dynamic Host Duo - Engaged and entertained the audience with lively hosting throughout the event.
    - Meghna Lunkad 
    - Shuchi Khandelwal

11. Youth MCs - Assisted in hosting and ensuring smooth transitions during the event.
    - Devansh
    - Tushan
    - Aarav Vijay
    - Aarav Gauba
    - Samik

12. Book Stall Stewards - Managed the book stalls, providing guests with a delightful browsing experience.
    - Daisy Rani
    - Abhishek Kadam
    - Akash Jain

13. Raffle Rulers - Coordinated raffle activities, adding excitement to the event.
    - Sugandh 
    - Seema Jain 
    - Veena Vaidynathan 
    - Ritvik Jain
    - Karthika Vandavasi 

14. Passionate Dance Instructors - Taught dance to kids, even though their kids don’t study in HindiUSA 
    - Snigdha Tripathi
    - Kavita Mulinti

    - Parent Coordinator: Vibha Khandelwal

16. GANESH VANDANA Performance
    - Choreography : Jyotsana Avasarala
    - Parent Coordinator: Jyotsana Avasarala, Rashmi Anjarlekar, Rinki Swami, Madhurima Kaushal

17. HANUMAN CHALISA Performance
    - Choreography: Snighdha Tirpathi
    - Parent Coordinators: Pooja Sharma

    - Parent Coordinators: Parul Tomar, Payal Gupta, Karthika Vandavasi, Mamta Rajpurohit, Veena Karthikeyan

19. DIWALI Performance
    - Parent Coordinators: Ritika Agarwalla,Priyanka Soni and Artika Agrawal 

20. BHAKTI SONGS Performance
    - Tabla: Hari Pratihar
    - Parent Coordinator: Neha Joyesh

21. MAHASHIVRATRI Performance
    - Parent Coordinators: Mukta Tiwari, Pragya Meshram, Pooja Sharma

22. DURGA DANCE Performance
    - Parent Coordinators: Dr. Anshu Jain

23. NAVRATRI Performance
    - Parent Coordinator: Kalpana Katarla
    - Choreography: Manisha Singh

24. HUMKO MAN KI SHAKTI Performance
    - Parent Coordinators: Madhurima Kaushal, Tejaswini Khot

25. SANKRANTI Performance
    - Parent Coordinators: Shuchi Khandelwal

26. HOLI- KATHA DEHEN KI Performance
    - Parent Coordinators: Surekha Poojari , Shivani Singh

27. HOLI- DANCE Performance
    - Parent Coordinators: Sadhavi Jain, Nuzhat Ambreen

28. JANMASHTAMI Performance
    - Parent Coordinators: Kopal Khanna

    - Parent Coordinators: Jaya Singh

30. MAHABHARAT Performance
    - Parent Coordinator: Bhoomika Mahajan, Sugandh Singhvi, Nidhi Chaudhary 

31. BASANT PANCHMI Performance
    - Parent Coordinators: Deepali Chand

32. JAIN SKIT Performance
    - Parent Coordinator: Neha Joyesh

33. GANGUAR Performance
    - Self Choreographed

34. BAISHAKI Performance
    - Choreographers
Kavita Mulinti and 
Raman Pasricha
35.GURU PURAB Performance
    - Coordinator: Neha Malhotra 

These dedicated individuals, including the performance teachers and coordinators, formed our volunteer teams, contributing their time and efforts to make our event a grand success.

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