"Trumbull Hindi USA is a wonderful program for your kids where they get to learn Hindi, as well as become part of our incredible desi community. Life in the US is hectic enough that finding time to inculcate our heritage into our kids who are already bombarded with the trials and tribulations of growing up is almost impossible. Yet the teachers and administrators are able to do just that. Not only do my kids feel part of a warm and loving community, but so do we! We get to celebrate all the important holidays and festivals that would otherwise go unacknowledged and our kids get to experience the richness of our Indian heritage. This colorful infusion of culture that they receive through the incredibly dedicated teachers at Trumbull Hindi USA is priceless and I feel immensely proud and lucky to be part of it."

Indira Pereira Kamath Jeet and Jiya's Mom

"Parents, this is a great platform for your kids to learn and write in Hindi. We have been associated with Trumbull Hindi USA for past 3 to 4 years and my kids are doing great. Highly recommend Trumbull USA Hindi program!"

Suvidha/Neetin Ananya and Arav's parents

"Trumbull HindiUSA is a great group of volunteers focused on not only teaching our children Hindi, but also sharing our culture and traditions with them. They celebrate India and all of its colorful festivals showing the students how vibrant Indian culture is. The teachers and staff are dedicated to the students' learning and work with each one to ensure they are successful. We highly recommend this school to anyone considering enrolling their child in Hindi language classes."

Kiran Chhablani