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School Coordinator. Mayank Jain is the founder and current school coordinator of HindiUSA Saint Louis. In Oct 2018, Mayank Jain along with his wife Dr. Anshu Jain started a non-profit Hindi language school named LearnHindiSTL to teach Hindi language to 5+ kids in Saint Louis. In 2019, school was merged with HindiUSA and received it's name as HindiUSA Saint Louis. Mayank Jain, a program manager by profession holds a degree in engineering and an MBA and utilizes his project and program management skills to provide organizational leadership and management skills. During his leadership the school has grown from 22 students and 5 teachers to now 130 students with 26 dedicated teachers and volunteers. Mayank Jain performs planning for the school year, coordinates with existing and new teachers, communicates with HindiUSA leadership, volunteers and parents to ensure timely registration and student allocation. In addition, Mayank leads the team of 25+ volunteers to conduct 5 to 6 major events that include run food donation drive, celebrate Indian cultural festivals such as Deepavali, Navaratri, organize Hindi Poetry competitions, review and mentor organization's marketing efforts etc. In addition, Mayank liaisons with other local and national organizational leaders to build partnerships for HindiUSA to collect funding to support school expenses. Under his leadership HindiUSA STL has become the largest non-profit Hindi language school in mid-west region ( 9 states) of USA

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